My Colleagues

My mobile phone rang this morning.  It was the delivery company checking our address on a parcel.  The first twenty seconds of the call were made awkward by the loud and persistent howling from the floor beside my feet.

Caller :  Sorry, I can’t hear you very well.  What’s that noise?

Me:  Oh, it’s just my Jack Russell.

C:  Is he alright?

M:  Oh yes.  He always howls when the phone rings.  I think he worries about us missing calls.

Jack waiting for the phone to ring

Not only is Jack a wonderful phone and front door alarm, he’s also amazingly good company.  Doesn’t say a lot or answer back but is always reassuring in times of trauma, when a project isn’t going to plan or the sewing machine has a wobbly.  Not just that, he makes me get up and take him out for walks and stuff.  As a work colleague, he’s pretty cool.

Jack and Oz – best mates

It’s not long since we had to say goodbye to Jack’s best friend and another of my colleagues, the beautiful Ozzie. The workroom feels a lot more empty now Oz is not in his usual place in front of the gas fire.   Jack has really missed him but he seems to be perking up again gradually.

Jack paying attention

Jack and I have another colleague – the lovely Willow cat.  More on her soon.

Colleagues – note Jack has all the cushions!