Great British Winter arrives at last!

Leather Ladies at Samuel Barlow Pub, Alvecote

Yesterday found the Leather Ladies at Alvecote Marina for the Floating Market.  We weren’t floating but all the recent rain meant the lawn was muddy and we couldn’t put up our gazebo.  So instead we tucked ourselves under the Samuel Barlow pub shelter.

I’m not sure where our Spring has got to, what with all the hail, snow etc. we’ve had this week.  Temperatures yesterday felt freezing with the wind off the water too and it definitely wasn’t encouraging the visitors.

Here we are!

Hazel with one of her beautiful new blue leather cushions
Jane and handbags - trying not to look too cold!

At midday the pub opened its doors, which was a Great Relief in more ways than one.  We decided that as a survival strategy to maintain our core temperatures and avoid frostbite, a large plate of chips was essential.

Chips and Dips!

Followed shortly afterwards with a tot of brandy each in our coffees! (We know ‘ow to live!)

Hazel maintaining core temperature

In spite of the cold we met some old friends, made some new ones and had fun.  Boaters and crafters are lovely friendly people; floating traders especially so. Many thanks to all.